Section 3: Working Relationships


Why is teamwork important when working on a film production?

Teamwork is crucial to a film production because without teamwork, a film can completely fall apart or a miss an important deadline to finish the film production. The whole experience makes me want to get people to help me to work on personal film projects in production. With teamwork, it is easier to coordinate what to do, especially for our film shoot which had a lot of shots to get through and it was imperative that we shot everything on schedule. I could also sense that a trust developed between the crew that we were starting to know what to do and we were easing into our roles, making the teamwork successful.

How did you develop good working relationships with your crew members? Give examples

 I believe that I developed good relations with each member of the key department, with direction and the first AD, they were the first lines of information in what shots we are doing. It was good knowing when cinematography was ready for me and there were no disputes between the departments. It also helped that outside of the shoot, we all get along well as a group.

Were there any problems you needed to overcome? Give examples

I learnt quickly that we shouldn’t bombard the director with questions because they are under a lot of pressure. That doesn’t mean that a crewperson should not ask a question to the director, but there is a right time to ask them. The tight time schedule was the biggest problem for the entire crew, I am amazed how we got done and effective planning is definitely a skill that we all have improved on.


What qualities are needed to work well with others on a film production?

An aspect that is not mentioned enough is friendliness, we were lucky because we had four weeks to get to know each other but in other crews, a person may not know anyone. Professionalism must be kept but having good relations can make a better environment and have the confidence that the crew want to make the best project possible like the main roles on set. Have a common understanding of what the script is saying and what the director wants, you can suggest an idea but only if you think it is going to be a fundamental problem. Have an effective plan that all the crew can follow, otherwise, it can be chaos and the director will be surrounded by a million questions.

Debrief minutes The End

Debrief Notes Spaghetti 29.10.17

BFI Production Meeting Summary Oct 17

Spaghetti – Behind the Scenes

The End – Behind the Scenes


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  1. Great thoughts here, Max! Really good reflection on the process. You’ve successfully completed section 3! Remember to upload your debrief notes


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