Section 4: Technical Skills


What are the resources required for your film production (think about equipment, props, actors, location etc) 

During the first meeting of the crew, it was important that we made sure what we would need for the film shoot.  Since the original title of the short film was Spaghetti and it was mentioned in the script at various points. It was imperative that we had bowls of spaghetti ready for the shoot because there were multiple takes. The film academy already had a kitchen set which was required for the film along with a microwave, that doesn’t mean work. Which meant that I would have to add the noises for the microwave in post-production.  Cutlery was needed, as well as cookbooks. First, they will be used for a shot to indicate that time has passed. Second, one was used as a plot device of bringing back the couple together in the film. The actors required were male and female to portray the couple. The male actor wore an office suit while the female actress wore a red coat and a black dress. 


THE END Emer Daly Script


What is your key role and what are the skills and equipment required to fulfil it?

I was a sound mixer on the short film Good Food. As a sound mixer, you need to have excellent focus and awareness, since sound in film can be dynamic and you don’t want the unfortunate responsibility of ruining the film. You need many cables, understanding where they need to be plugged in. As a sound mixer, you need to know how to use a sound mixer. Making sure the microphone is on the right channel and that the sound is not over a certain level. In fact, my biggest area of improvement is figuring out how to make sure something is not too loud or quiet. Apart from that, I enjoyed the experience in a role that I had never considered.

Post production key role: first cut editor

Spaghetti – Cut 1

What is your supporting role and what are the skills and equipment required to fulfil it?

I was the behind the scenes videographer for The End. All I needed was a DSLR camera, a battery and a memory card. For this role, one has to be willing to turn on the camera and film the crew at work. I had a lot of fun and it was great being able to capture my fellow academy alumni working well as a crew.


How do you feel you performed your roles on set? What were your strengths and what were any challenges you faced? 

I was surprised at my tutor’s positive comments at how I had performed in my role. I don’t think sound is for me, but I enjoyed the experience and when watching the rushes, I was surprised at the quality of the sound. I honestly imagined the worst and that it would come out terribly, it instead felt professional. I want this help me to develop into a professional in another role such as a writer, director or a producer. 


How do you think your skills and knowledge developed in this role? Give examples 

The main skills and knowledge that I have developed are involved with technical skills in using sound mixers and editing software. I consider my main strengths to be in more artistic roles such as writing but I wanted to try out something technical. It made me realise how much work is needed to get the perfect sound and important yet small things such as making sure that the sound is on the right channel. Other small things such as knowing which cables to use and supporting the person operating the boom mic. It has also given me a fuller appreciation of sound in film.


Following completion of the Film Academy, please give examples of film production skills that you would like to develop. Did you have any particular strengths or weaknesses on the course? 

I think my biggest strengths were quick learning and professionalism, there were still gaps in sound that I didn’t know and was worried that I was going to screw up in the worst possible way possible. However, I learnt quickly and adapted. Leading to me feeling like I knew what I was doing and could follow what my tutor wanted me to do. I also enjoyed the professionalism on set and felt like the real work environment. I would like to explore forming skills for direction and learning more about writing because that’s my biggest specialism. I also have an interest in being a producer. This is because, in the future, I would love to be a director, writer and producer on my own film projects.


One thought on “Section 4: Technical Skills”

  1. Fantastic thoughts here Max! Great reflection on your roles, and good to see your thoughts on progression after the course. You’ve successfully completed section 4!


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